Explore Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are an easy way to beautify your yard and the world while contributing to a clean lake.


Plant A Rain Garden

Rain gardens and bioretention/infiltration devices allow about 30 percent more water to soak into the ground compared to a conventional lawn. These native plant gardens enhance groundwater recharge and reduce stormwater runoff and pollution while attracting birds, butterflies and beneficial pollinators.


Resources to help you plan your own Rain Garden:


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Need professional help installing your rain garden?

These local contacts have participated in Land to Lake Rain Garden Workshop for Professional Landscapers:

  • Jon DeMuth- jdemuth@defnet.com
    B.E. Mangas & Son LLC Construction & Landscaping
    28611 State Route 281, Defiance, Ohio 43512, 419-438-0019
  • Mark Shininger
    Marking Outdoors Inc. 419-769-0207
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