Auglaize Riverbank Stabilization Project

The Auglaize River Bank Stabilization project was designed to address the problem of streambank erosion along the Auglaize river near the confluence of the Maumee river.

Streambank erosion on the Auglaize river

Embankment installation in progress

Finished “hard-scaping” phase of project

With guidance and requirements from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the replanting (riparian restoration) portion of the project will soon begin. The engineering portion of the project and rock embankment was paid for by the City of Defiance. The riparian restoration portion of the project is being funded by the City with additional funding from the Great Lakes Commission

A full article on the Auglaize Riverbank Case Study is published in the premier (Autumn 2014) issue of Land to Lake magazine: LtoL2014_01digital.pdf

< Many restoration projects are implemented using a combination of techniques, as illustrated in this multispecies riparian buffer.

Also see our factsheet on Streambank Erosion and Restoration

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