Protecting Our Water Quality

Nutrient Management
Sediment Pollution Erosion Control


Residential Stormwater
Residential Stormwater
Trash and Litter
Illicit Discharges and Hazardous Waste Disposal

Clean Up Your Parks Day

Every Spring the City of Defiance invites clubs, organizations, and citizens to pitch-in and get our parks ready for the season. Leaf and litter clean-up beautifies the parks and keeps pollution from our waterways. This is a great way to support our beautiful parks....

Leave The Leaves!

Letting your garden go natural can reap big benefits The temptation to clean up leaves, spent flowers, and garden debris in the fall is great, but keep in mind there are many rewards to “letting your garden go”! The leaf litter, woody stems and other natural materials...


Recycling: With just a little effort we can keep so much more out of our landfill. Our city recycling programs are busy removing plastics and paper from the landfill, here are some ideas of where you can take other recyclable items. Appliances: Omnisource in Defiance, 419-784-5669 Okolona...

Tips For A Cleaner Spring

Fertilize With Care Over-application of nutrients not only may impair plant growth, it can also contaminate groundwater by leaching through the soil and pollute waterways through run-off. A soil test kit, available at most hardware stores, will identify what nutrients you may need to help your lawn...

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