8 Ways To Help From Home

Little Steps You Can Take For Cleaner Streams, Rivers and Lakes

Small actions can have a big impact, so we’ve put together a list of simple ways you can help sustain our natural surroundings and improve local water quality. Here are 8 things you can do from home:

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1. Install A Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are an effective way to reduce stormwater runoff entering our rivers and lakes while providing stored water for use on lawns and gardens.
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2. Start Composting

Composting at home is a great way to keep grass clippings, leaves, yard waste and kitchen scraps out of our landlls and waterways while creating nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

The City Compost Site is a great alternative to get rid of yard waste: cityofdefiance.com/divisions/compost-site
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3. Plant Native Plants & Trees

Natives provide food and habitat for pollinators, absorb storm water, and provide erosion control, making them a great functional choice for low maintenance
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4. Fertilize With Care

Over-application of nutrients may impair plant growth, contaminate groundwater, and pollute rivers, lakes and streams through run-off.
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5. Pick Up Pet Waste

This simple act helps reduce the potential of E. coli pollution from washing into our rivers and streams.

"... the little deposits your pets leave each day are adding up to a big water quality mess ... Read on to truly understand how big this problem is and how it affects you." More on Pet Poo Impacts

6. Create a Rain Garden

Native plants reduce stormwater runoff and pollution while attracting birds, butterflies and beneficial pollinators. Rain gardens absorb 30% more water than a conventional lawn.

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7. Grow Your Own Food

A home garden will provide fresh food for your family. Gardens also reduce transportation costs, provide a place for mulch and compost use.

#garden / Backyard Garden Basics - how to get started

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8. Inspire Others

Inspire friends and family to adopt these actions. Share what you’re doing on social media with #landtolakeohio.
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