Please keep your storm drain clear.

Small actions can have a BIG impact

Excess organic debris left on hard surfaces can runoff into the drainage system and cause problems including harmful algae blooms in our waterways.  Here are some simple steps property owners can take to decrease localized flooding, improve water quality, and reduce maintenance costs:

Keep Clippings Away From Drains

Grass clippings contain phosphorus that will get carried into a waterway through storm drains. One bushel of fresh grass clippings can produce 30-50 pounds of algae growth in a lake or river. Grass clippings left in the street also pose a hazardous threat to motorcyclists. Leave clippings on the lawn, or compost them for safer, cleaner streets and rivers.

Keep Leaves Off the Street

Raking leaves from the street is one of the best ways homeowners can help our water quality in the fall. When left in the street, leaves make a phosphorus-rich tea that flows through storm sewers and directly into our rivers, contributing to harmful algal blooms and poor water quality. Removing leaves from the catch basins also helps reduce localized flooding!

More info on leaves and yard care:

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