Thoreau Wildlife Reserve

The mission of the Thoreau Wildlife Reserve is to promote the healing of the land through observation, research and experiential learning related to human impacts, and bridging the divide between necessary human use and ecological sustainability. This organization will provide opportunities for concerned citizens to observe, appreciate, understand, and restore nature, and in turn, learn essential truths about their place in the natural world  while collaborating to heal the lands and waters of our community.

Thoreau Wildlife Reserve is working with the Audubon Sanctuary Program to encourage the presence of blue birds, mallards, wood ducks, and other native species on the property.

Thoreau Wildlife Reserve is now open to the public for the enjoyment of nature with it’s 4 nature trails that highlight meadows, woodlands, wetlands and old growth forest. To safeguard the reserve’s natural resources all visitors are asked to abide by the “Leave No Trace” rules of conduct.

Visitors must stay on designated trails and only foot traffic is permitted in the reserve. Dogs are permitted but always on a leash. All visitors must respect social distancing. Numerous signs can be found along the trails with reference to the thoughts of H.D. Thoreau who inspired the Reserve.

The reserve is located at 10485 Haller Road in Brunersberg – next to Noble school and covers approx. 250 acres with 2 miles of trails.  Parking is limited and hours of operation are from dawn to dusk. To register for programs, or for more information, please visit


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