The City of Defiance and the Council of the Great Lakes Region have teamed together to form the “Great Lakes Smart and Sustainable Cities Cluster” using innovation and shared resources to provide digital solutions for improving water quality. A series of demonstration projects to achieve nutrient reduction goals, located in the Maumee Watershed, will highlight our source water protection efforts.

The “Cluster” is a collaborative effort to establish a smart infrastructure of digital technologies and rural broadband access in Northwest Ohio. By developing replicable, scalable demonstration projects, this approach provides opportunities to secure a prosperous future for agriculture in the region while protecting our drinking water.  Together with our many partners we are finding new ways to harness the power of technology to implement sustainable water-quality solutions for the Maumee River Watershed.

The City’s efforts are part of the on-going Land to Lake Initiative. For more information, see the documents below.

CGLR Fact Sheet

CGLR Launches Global Cities Team
CGLR Launches Global Cities Team
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