St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative

Organizations Working To Improve Water Quality:

The St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative, a non-profit partnership, exists to protect, restore and enjoy the St. Joseph River and its watershed. Since its inception in 1996, the Initiative has met its goals and is emulated by other watershed projects throughout the country.

The St. Joseph River is the source of drinking water for more than 300,000 people in Fort Wayne, and important as a habitat, a recreational resource, a drainage channel and a source of economic growth in the region. The Watershed Initiative is committed to protecting water quality in the river while promoting economically and environmentally compatible land uses.

The Initiative partners with state, county, and municipal governments, conservation agencies, land-owners, educational institutions and other entities to further its mission and goals. The Initiative’s three main priorities include maintaining a robust water quality sampling program and making results available through the Water Quality Information System (WQIS); conducting education and outreach activities throughout the watershed; and implementing conservation practices based on watershed management plans. Over the past 20 years, the Initiative has been able to bring more than $3 million in grant funds into the watershed to help further these goals.

To find out how you can participate in the Initiative or learn more about the communities in the watershed, visit

FEATURE PHOTO: The St. Marys River (left) and St. Joseph River (right) converge to form the Maumee River (foreground) in Fort Wayne, Indiana. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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